0-2 years old – Caterpillars

Tummy time

Our group for children aged 0 to 2 years old is called Caterpillars. Caterpillars have their own activity room as well as a sleep room, changing area and milk kitchen.

The first two years of life is different for every child as they learn to use their five senses, develop co-ordination and explore their new world and abilities. We stay in close contact with parents and carers so that we can follow your routine. At nursery your child will sleep, eat and even have their nappies changed at the same time as they would at home.

Getting to know books

We keep a Daily Record book for each child in which we write down what has happened at nursery today. The book is sent home each day so that you can read it and note down anything that has happened outside of nursery that we might need to know about.

The most important thing in caring for your child is that we form a close relationship with them. Our caring and experienced staff give the individual attention, cuddles, reassurance, presence and continuity your child needs. It means they feel safe and happy when they are with us and we understand what they need and want.

Mark making

We engage the children in the same kind of playful activities that they would enjoy at home, from messy play to music and dancing to dressing-up. These activities are carefully planned to further the development of each child and to prepare them for their next steps in learning. We try to be creative in everything we do. In Rhyme Time we use songs and instruments to encourage speech. In Mark Making, which is the foundation of reading and writing, we give each child their own colouring book so that they learn about ownership and identity. In Tummy Time we use physical movement to strengthen the muscles in the upper body. Staff and children work side-by-side which helps to develop a bond between us and them.

Exploring textures

Activity plans are recorded in your child’s Learning Journey book along with observations about their progress. Parents are welcome to read their child’s Learning Journey book and add in any “wow” moments that have happened at home. Learning Journey books are also used by OFSTED to check that children at the nursery are developing as expected.

The nursery does not provide baby formula but our milk kitchen has a refrigerator where we can store expressed milk, formula or weaning foods supplied by you in bottles or containers labelled with the name of your child. Full-fat cow’s milk is provided.

If your child requires nappies you will need to supply enough nappies and wipes to last the day.

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