2 years old – Owls

Our toddler group for children aged two years old is called Owls. Owls have their own activity room, with child-size toilets and wash basins, and access to our outdoor play area.

At two years of age your child has reached a crucial stage in their development – their ability exceeds their understanding and they are not fully able to appreciate the consequences of their actions. Through our Key Person system, which assigns one member of staff to oversee the care of each child, we will be able to understand and meet the needs of your child and carefully nurture them through this transitional age.

In the Owls we continue to follow your routine – your child will sleep, have their nappies changed and be potty-trained just as they would at home. By the time your child leaves Owls we will have nurtured them to the point where they can follow a common routine.

We believe there are no rules to play – we don't insist that children paint in accurate colours, pick the right clothes out of the dressing-up box or use toys the way we would. We let the children think things through for themselves and encourage them to work together as they learn through the experience of play.

Creative learning is the cornerstone of life at nursery. Through play the children discover how to solve problems for themselves. Given boxes and glue, a child will eventually work out that one can be used to stick the others together. We offer guidance in the form of questions, rather than instructions, teaching the children to think things through, to connect their experiences and share their ideas.

Creative learning is also supported by the children's environment. Our activity room will provide your child with different areas to play and learn, all designed to stimulate their imagination. From painting and messy play, with gloop, mud, sand and water, to the home corner, which offers the fun of dressing up, and the quieter spaces where children can share books and begin to understand stories.

We encourage all of the children to use Makaton to ensure that every child is able to build relationships, learn and make a contribution.

Like our 0-2 years old group, the Owls have daily record books to help you talk with your child about the fun they have had at nursery.

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