Life at Nursery

Indoor Play

Our purpose-built premises are light and airy with dedicated rooms for each age group:

0-2 years old - Caterpillars
0-2 years old
2 years old - Owls
2 years old
3-5 years old - Hedgehogs
3-5 years old

You can find out about the indoor play activities of each group by visiting their pages.

Outdoor Play

Outdoors is the perfect place for children to be noisy, physical, energetic and messy!

We believe that having the opportunity to play outdoors is an essential ingredient in a happy childhood. Experience has taught us that some children have a more active learning style than others – they can find it difficult to concentrate indoors but if offered the same learning opportunities outdoors they will engage wholeheartedly.

In our outdoor activity area children can run and climb, leap and jump, push and ride, crawl through tunnels, build with bricks, play with sand and water, lie on the grass, roll downhill and then, when they’ve got their breath back, do it all again!

We see our garden as another playroom for the children to have access to. Throughout the day the older children can move freely between the indoor and outdoor environment. The garden is set up daily with different activities which reflect the seven areas of learning and development from the Early Years Foundation Stages.

Outdoor play is not just for sunny days and summer months. Children benefit from experiencing the world outside in all weathers, all year round. There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.

To see more photographs of our children enjoying the great outdoors please visit our outdoor play gallery.


We provide a staffing ratio in line with the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage to ensure that children have sufficient individual attention and to guarantee care and education of a high quality:

Our staff are appropriately qualified and we carry out checks with the Criminal Records Bureau, in accordance with statutory requirements. Most of our staff hold First Aid and Food Hygiene certificates.

Key Persons

The Early Years Foundation Stage emphasises the importance of key relationships for children, including those relationships between children, their parents/carers and a key person within a setting.

We operate a key person system at the nursery within a team approach. This means that one member of staff will have a special responsibility for your child within the nursery.

Your child's key person will be your first point of contact within the nursery, as it is important that positive relationships can be established between yourself and your key person, to assist your child's settling-in process and continued enjoyment within nursery.

Although we believe that our key person system is at the heart of your child's development within the nursery, we do strongly encourage positive relationships with all other staff, to avoid distress in the absence of your child's key person, for example holidays and training. We work as a team.


All visitors to the nursery are greeted by a senior member of staff. Only those who are pre-authorised to collect their child from nursery will be allowed to do so, unless approval is given by the parent/carer. Parents/carers are asked to leave an emergency number where they can be contacted. A password system is used.

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